Pneumatic Actuators



  • Conform to the latest international Standard : ISO5211,DIN 3337,VD/VDE3845 and NAMUR
  • Excellent,compact,modern design
  • All acting surfaces adopt  high quality bearings, resulting in low friction, long cycle life and no noise
  • The two independent stroke adjusting devices can easily  and precisly adjust ±5º open or close
  • Double acting and single acting (spring return ) type  are with same external features ,which is easy to install the accessories
  • NAMUR standard multifunction  position indicator  indicates  visually
  • Pre-compressed spring  is convenient  for safe mounting  and teardown  procedures
  • Pistons and end caps are made from  die-casteng aluminium  which has  high intensity and  light weight
  • Different seal material are available for  high or low temperature
  • We can offer multi -travel rotations (e.g 120º,135º,180º) and three position actuators
  • Solenoid valves can be easily mounted without connecting plank
  • Series : RAT

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